Last year in December I wanted to activate 2 mountains in the Vosges. These two are not too far from my home town. Both could be done from the same parking lot. That day it was below 0 degrees °C and we had freezing rain on the Petit Donon. But in return we got 3 points winter bonus each in addition to the 2 times 10 points. 26 points with only one parking stop is not too bad.

FL/VO-023 Le Donon

I was already on the "bigger" Donon at the end of 2017, actually you have to go there more often. Simply very nice there. 13 QSO vom VO-023 on 40m and 20m SSB.

  • IMG_20191228_123118422_HDR_01
  • IMG_20191228_123524707_HDR_01
  • IMG_20191228_123612033_01
  • IMG_20191228_123823459_01
  • IMG_20191228_124409724_HDR_01
  • IMG_20191228_124429868_01
  • IMG_20191228_124628533_01
  • IMG_20191228_124715895_HDR_01
  • IMG_20191228_124804052_HDR_01
  • IMG_20191228_124836174_HDR_01
  • IMG_20191228_132142553_HDR_01
  • IMG_20191228_132150315_HDR_01
  • IMG_20191228_132209504_HDR_01
  • IMG_20191228_132228752_01
  • IMG_20191228_134851818_HDR_01
  • IMG_20191228_135035286_HDR_01

FL/VO-090 Petit Donon

Exactly 2 hours after the last QSO we logged the first one from VO-090. 16 QSO here on 40m and 20m SSB with best DX AE7KI in TN. Always great to work DX with 5W.

  • IMG_20191228_145204581_01
  • IMG_20191228_151336183_01
  • IMG_20191228_151350504_01
  • IMG_20191228_152306771_01
  • IMG_20191228_152536078_01
  • IMG_20191228_160434356_01
  • IMG_20191228_160438241_01
  • IMG_20191228_160441765_HDR_01
  • IMG_20191228_160733673_01
  • IMG_20191228_161116193_01
  • IMG_20191228_161123604_BURST001_01

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