Some days ago I received a parcel from my friend Silvio, DM9KS. There was a 20m QRP band-pass filter from QRP Labs inside. I then built the kit as it was there anyway. I did not wind the torroids very accurate, but I have an insertion loss of 2.1 db only on 20m and I have -53db attenuation on 40m and -32db on 15m. I would say great piece of kit!

Here you see the assembled and fine-tuned QRP-Labs 20m Bandpass-Filter connected to the network analyzer:

IMG 5946 01

Silvio also told me, that some guys use their Raspberry Pis as a 10mW WSPR beacon. So I connected the filter to my Pi to see what happens.

Peter, DC2ZO then asked me how bad the harmonics of the Pi really are, so I checked with the Spectrum Analyzer. The highest peak (marker point) was the 3rd harmonic on 42.83 MHz with about 1.6 dBm, which is 1,45mW:

IMG 5966 01

With the filter connected the result is crazy. No QRM visible and -34.34 dBm on the 3rd harmonic now. What a clean signal:

IMG 5979 01

With the filter and a lot of adapters connected, the Raspberry Pi makes 7.22 dBm output, which is about 5.2 mW:

IMG 5980 01

Without the adapters and filter tha Pi makes 12.3 dBm (17 mW).

With the filter and 5.2mW I was heard by DL4VM in my city on 20m only, but I hope for some DX now.

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