It took me 2 years and 9 months and 92 climbed and activated summits to receive the SOTA 500 award as activator. Most of the time I worked QRP with my FT-817 only and my EFHW-antenna. Glad that I am 1/2 Mountain Goat now. I hope I will get the 1000 points trophy in about 2-3 years.

DK9JC SOTA 500 Award Activator lr

After I received the SOTA-100 award in February this year, I managed to get the 250-award now after about 6 months and 55 activations. The 100-award was with my old call DO1JC, which was a CEPT-novice license. I could only work on 15m and 10m from a summit (and of course VHF/UHF), so it was sometimes hard work in the sunspot minimum. I made an upgrade to the CEPT (HAREC) license for this reason and work mostly on 20m and 40m since then. I also carry my 45W amp most of the times, which gives me some extra punch, if I need it. Glad I am on 250 today, so 1/4 mountain goat now.