It took me 2 years and 9 months and 92 climbed and activated summits to receive the SOTA 500 award as activator. Most of the time I worked QRP with my FT-817 only and my EFHW-antenna. Glad that I am 1/2 Mountain Goat now. I hope I will get the 1000 points trophy in about 2-3 years.

DK9JC SOTA 500 Award Activator lr

After I received the SOTA-100 award in February this year, I managed to get the 250-award now after about 6 months and 55 activations. The 100-award was with my old call DO1JC, which was a CEPT-novice license. I could only work on 15m and 10m from a summit (and of course VHF/UHF), so it was sometimes hard work in the sunspot minimum. I made an upgrade to the CEPT (HAREC) license for this reason and work mostly on 20m and 40m since then. I also carry my 45W amp most of the times, which gives me some extra punch, if I need it. Glad I am on 250 today, so 1/4 mountain goat now.


Nachdem ich SOTA-Berge ich in 5 Ländern aktiviert hatte, habe ich nun das SOTA "Mountain Explorer Bronze"-Diplom erhalten. Michael, DB7MM hat mich netterweise darauf hingewiesen. Ich war neben Deutschland in der Schweiz, Italien, Frankreich und in Luxemburg. Für 10 Länder bekommt man "Silber". Ich bin gespannt, wie lange das noch dauert.

SOTA Mountain Explorer bronze DK9JC