Typically, I write this category in German and the technical part and the building instructions in English. This time it's different because we had a visitor from Japan in DM/RP. A few weeks ago Jörg, DO1DJJ sent me an e-mail from the Japanese radio amateur Keiichi, JF8LPB. He was in our area because of the ADAC WRC rallye and also planned to activate a few mountains under SOTA. It was obvious to us that we did not just give Keiichi tips, but we of course activated the mountains together with him. The advantage for Keeichi was also the fact, that he did not have to bring any equipment for short wave operations from Japan. We had everything with us anyway.

Jörg picked up Keiichi in the morning at 8:00 in Trittenheim, Moselle. In a convoi both were then heading to DM/RP-158, Erbeskopf - 816m. At about 09:15 in the morning I was on there too. After a short greeting I then built up. Keeichi called already on 2m FM and had however only little luck. On 20m we could then work many stations. After Keeichi had enough stations on this first SOTA summit, he and Jörg moved on to the DM/RP-187, Wildenburger Kopf - 664m which is just 20 minutes away and I switched to 40m then. Since I had already activated this summit this year, we decided that I would remain on DM/RP-158, to allow both of them an S2S and to increase their chance of successful activation. I then went on for more than an hour and could then log a total of 51 stations on 40m and 20m from DM/RP-158.

Keiichi and Jörg had it not too easy on 2m FM from the Wildenburger Kopf. Via Erbeskopf I could then work Ruben, DL8RB on 145.500 MHz. He stayed there for Keiichi and Jörg, so this activation was a success for them too. We then met again on the highway and we headed together to the DM/RP-171, Röster Kopf - 708m. Here Keiichi and I could work the 40m pileup quickly. Jörg had a little harder activation on 10m. Keeichi had to leave us at 2 pm for the rallye again and Jörg and I we drove to DM/RP-449, Teufelskopf - 695m.

It was a really exhausting day, but it was a lot of fun. Thanks to all Chaser and Keiichi for the nice company.

SOTA Besuch aus Japan Foto

(Foto oben: Jörg, DO1DJJ)

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