Unfortunately, at the moment I don't always get the chance to publish everything up-to-date. Therefore now also with a delay of 1.5 years. Our hotel was in Killarney, so it was a good idea to activate EI/IS-050 Torc Mountain on New Year's Day, 01/Jan/2019. Condx sucked, but I wkd: 2E0WDX /M, IK2LEY, EI3KA/P (S2S), EA2CKX, EA2CE and SA4BLM.
EI IS 050 Torc Mountain QSO map
We needed 4,5h from the parking lot to the top and back. Great to chat with EI3KA/p some 30km away on EI/IS-095 on 7 MHz, 14 MHz and 145 MHz.

  • EI_IS_050_Torc_Mountain_QSO_map
  • IMG_20190101_100327747_01
  • IMG_20190101_103111306_HDR_01
  • IMG_20190101_113547559_HDR_01
  • IMG_20190101_114031251_HDR_01
  • IMG_20190101_115505649_HDR_01
  • IMG_20190101_122111327_HDR_01
  • IMG_20190101_122221514_HDR_01
  • IMG_20190101_124605069_HDR_01
  • IMG_20190101_131253581_HDR_01

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