I bought my Yaesu FT-891 to use it on SOTA-summits when I need some extra power that my FT-817 can't deliver. When I am out portable, I have the battery very close to the radio. Unfortunately for me (fortunately for the mobile users) the FT-891 comes with a massive and bulky 3m or so power cable. It's very sturdy and something you definitely do not want to carry. The weight is 270g.

Just before I decided to cut the original cable in pieces and solder it together again I found a nice offer from China on Ebay. A short 4 pin Yaesu/Kenwood plug with a cable and fuseholder. It was only 4 Euro shipped (!) from Shenzhen. Delivery took about 3 weeks and I did not expect too much. First thing was that I check the resistance on all 4 pins. 0 Ohms. That was good. The fit is also like the original plug. No complaints there. I just fit Anderson Power Poles and tested the cord. Works perfect and now weights only 86g.

I also do not consider the smaller AWG number (diameter) a downfall. The original cable is a 12 AWG (3,31 mm²) whereas the chinese cable is a 14 AWG (2,08 mm²), which is absolutely no problem on this short length. Both cables are rated 105°C and 600V (at least it's printed on). Great value vor the money, can highly recommend one for the portable users.

The supplied fuses are a bit high with 30A. I recommend to change it with two 25A fuses.

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