I go lighter and lighter and lighter... I've built a new EFHW wire for my SOTA-activations last weekend. The antenna is "linked" and is full halfwave on 40/30/20/17m. I went from 0,75mm² (~18 AWG) to 0,14mm² (~26 AWG). Thank you Andreas, DB2AJ for the hint. That saves some additional weight. I use this thin wire together with my homebrew EFHW-QRP tuner. I use a pair of 2,6mm "Zwerg-Stecker" and "Zwerg-Kupplung", with the plastic housing removed, for every link. For optical reasons and also for more mechanical stability, I added som heat-shrinking tube to the connectors. The wire-winder came from SOTAbeams UK and they fit perfect to this easy construction. The whole job did not take longer than about 60 minutes.

  • IMG_20160904_173247726_01
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  • IMG_20160904_173352367_01
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  • IMG_20160904_174621986_01
  • IMG_20160904_174721216_01
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  • IMG_20160904_175754677_01
  • IMG_20160904_175800509_01

0 # Saku OH2NOS 2017-01-10 21:07
Hi Johnny!
What is the type of connectors which you are using?
73, Saku OH2NOS
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0 # Saku OH2NOS 2017-01-10 21:04
Hi Johnny!
What is the estimated power what can supply to this LiY cable? I am using FT-817 too, so the power does not exceed 5W.
I have used last year DX-Wire's UL cable which is excellent but not very flexible even more rigid. What is its price per meter (about) in Germany?
73, Saku OH2NOS
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