People often ask me on Twitter how I mounted my 15 ele Diamond A-430S15 yagi antenna on my photo tripod. Well, it was quite simple. I have a normal photo tripod for photo cameras.

Diamond 15 element greencube io-117

I already had one at home anyway. So I measured the boom of the 15 ele Diamond A-430S15 and sent the measurements (boom diameter 22mm) to Dragan, 4O4A. He then made me a drawing that I could easily print with my own 3D printer. Of course, this part does not fit universally. It depends on the mounting plate.

greencube io117 baseplate tripod

My mounting plate has the dimensions: my baseplate is 42x42mm and on top 34mmx34mm with thickness of 8mm.

With this 3D printed part you can now easily change the polarisation. This is often very important with IO-117 Greencube, as you can hardly receive anything if you have the wrong polarisation.

greencube io117 baseplate tripod

I removed the original handles and put in normal screws, otherwiese the handles would prevent the antenna from being turned.

greencube io117 baseplate tripod

A tip: The dimensions of the smaller 10 ele Diamond A-430S10 boom are identical.

greencube io117 baseplate tripod

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