Even though I have been using cloudlog to log my SAT QSOs for a long time, I would like to explain here how to log a QSO in Log4OM so that it also works as a SAT QSO in LOTW, eQSL and paper QSL (label).

If we entered a callsign we click to "My".


Then we chose Satellite in the drop-down menu unter "Propagation". We also need to check the SATELLITE MODE box.


Now we fill out these fields and we see "RS-44" on left and can chose VU.


Without the correct SAT Name and Propagation mode set to Satellite it is not possible to get a LOTW cfm. All those values need to be correct.

How to add other SATs?

In the current version the most popular LEO SAT RS-44 is missing, but this is not a problem. Log4OM simply uses a CSV file as database. We can edit this file to fit the LOTW name list. This step is important. If you add an own name, LOTW will never get a match and the QSO will still be unfonfirmed. All missing and new SATs can be added.

The file "satellites.csv" can be found under C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Log4OM2:


I just added this line:


Just comment if you have any questions regarding Log4OM and Satellite QSOs.

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